The morning this sweet girl came into the world, I received the phone call that no friend ever wants to get. As I drove to the hospital, these were not the pictures I was preparing myself to take for my dear friends. I was preparing for a much different scenario, but hoping and praying for exactly this: a pink skinned baby girl, with breath in her lungs, and that sparkle of life in her one little winking eye. Over the last two weeks of her stay in the NICU, we have watched this brave and strong and determined little girl begin the thrive and respond and show everyone her little personality. 

Our friends, Heather and Liz have been there every single day loving on her and fighting and advocating for her. Little Avonlea was born at home and a few minutes after her birth, she stopped breathing. Her midwife took quick and life-saving action to perform CPR. You can read more about their story, see how Avonlea is doing now, and donate to Liz and Heather at the following link: