Hi, I’m Kelly!

Typically no one asks me why I chose photography. But, I’ll tell you now. I didn’t know, or remember, this until recently but I chose this career at quite a young age. Do you remember those forms you fill out with your elementary schools about the top three things you want to be when you grow up? Well, I recently found mine from the third grade! My top choices were photographer, writer, or nurse. Every year after that, photography and art showed up in my file. (anyone else’s mom keep every single thing they ever wrote their name on? lol)

I actually went on to pursue nursing and finished high school with my CNA certification. I completed 3 years of a nursing program in college before suddenly switching my major and graduating with a degree in fine art. I remember other people being very confused by my choice. I remember being very confused by my choice. Art had always been a hobby, something I did in my free time for fun. But eventually I realized what has been true throughout my life; I need to create. I need to tell stories through art.

From drawing and painting, I found my way to photography. In the dark room, I learned so much so fast and there was never a day that I didn’t love what I got to do. I took photos with paint cans, antique cameras, made prints from burned and cut up film and began the journey to finding my voice as a photographer.

Now here I am. Married to my best friend, mom to two amazing kids, living in a city I still have so much to learn about, and still just continuing this journey of learning my visual voice, that always seems to be evolving as my life changes. So I’ll just be here, a small town girl telling stories with her art and trying not to get lost on my way to the grocery store in this new big city!


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