The morning this sweet girl came into the world, I received the phone call that no friend ever wants to get. As I drove to the hospital, these were not the pictures I was preparing myself to take for my dear friends. I was preparing for a much different scenario, but hoping and praying for exactly this: a pink skinned baby girl, with breath in her lungs, and that sparkle of life in her one little winking eye. Over the last two weeks of her stay in the NICU, we have watched this brave and strong and determined little girl begin the thrive and respond and show everyone her little personality. 

Our friends, Heather and Liz have been there every single day loving on her and fighting and advocating for her. Little Avonlea was born at home and a few minutes after her birth, she stopped breathing. Her midwife took quick and life-saving action to perform CPR. You can read more about their story, see how Avonlea is doing now, and donate to Liz and Heather at the following link:

Vic Marketing Session


This week Vic came to see us in Nashville. It wouldn’t be a trip with her if we didn’t have a photo session together. So this time, we spent the day taking some headshots and marketing images together for her new blog about mental health. You should definitely check it out when it launches at the end of January 2020! Follow along with all her updates on the launch on her instagram.

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Colorado Family Session


Last week, I took my first trip to Colorado! I also photographed my first family session in the snow. The closest thing I could compare Breckenridge, Colorado to is... like if you moved Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls into the world of Narnia... that’s the most accurate thing I could come up with. It was completely magical. 

Magical right?! It was like walking around inside a fairytale. I was so excited to get to photograph a family in a true winter wonderland. 

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Photographing your Family Vacay


Before                     After

It can be hard to capture the sometimes hectic moments if your family vacation. Between airport frustrations and cramped hotel rooms, it can be difficult to stay inspired and in-the-moment with your children and even your spouse. 

So, on this trip I took with my family and some friends to Colorado, I tried to challenge myself in this area. Our first night, after a full day of travelling airports and roads, we stayed in a lovely hotel. While my husband took our daughter out on a special date, I challenged myself with using that space to capture some stories with our son. I am so thankful that I did.

Here are some tips on photographing your family in your hotel room (because I know you can’t always be out adventuring with small children).

1. Take advantage of that big window!
Most hotel rooms have a large window that often creates a great natural light source. They oftentimes have sheer curtains you can use to filter the light with if it’s too much. You can see all the different ways I used that one window in all of the photos in this post. Here is what I had to work with on this particular stay: 2. Turn off those lights.
By only using the natural light from the window, you will create more consistent color throughout your final image without the muddy look that can come with two or more light sources of different temperatures.

3. Don’t stress about that kid clutter.
By moving closer to your light source, the clutter will fall away into your shadows and be less distracting. It also helps to focus on your subject by getting closer to them and cutting the clutter out of the frame completely or hiding it behind things in your composition.

4. Try different angles!
Use the space you have. Move around and see which angle uses your space and your light the best. It can never hurt and can even help to tell a complete story of the moment, like below with my son and his cars.

5. Put your camera down after 10 minutes.
Sometimes I get an image in my head and I can’t stop until I get it perfect. Or I fear that I’ll miss recording a special moment of our vacation. A mom-tographer stress. This can lead to frustration for me and for my kids. By sticking to this rule of thumb, I find I stress less and spend more time enjoying just being with my kids. If I can’t get the shot within a 10 minute timeframe then I let it go, re-think it to try again later, or just take what I got and make it work.

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Christmas Tree Farm Session


My daughter and I went along with two families who are very dear to our hearts to help them hunt for their Christmas tree this year. She fell asleep in the car on the way to a popular Tennessee tree farm where we got cozy with some apple cider and a bucket of fresh-hot donut holes. The kind that melt in your mouth as soon as they touch your tongue and smell like the stalls at the state fair your grandparents took you to as a child. 

Once we were fueled up, the search began. Our friends found their perfectly imperfect Christmas trees, we chopped them down, and headed on home to attempt to transfer all the sleeping kiddos into their beds.

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