Drakeford Cover- Nashville


That is a word that describes my neighborhood through and through, a neighborhood full of artists. I met Drake and Lucy earlier this year when we visited Nashville one last time before our big move from SC. Anyone who spends any amount of time around Drake will see that he is one of those musicians who hears music everywhere. He comes to life when he is playing any kind of music. Lucy is just the sweetest Brit I’ve ever met with such a genuinely beautiful voice and spirit. So when they asked me to shoot this cover with them, it was a yes from the start!

The morning I visited their house to dream up what the cover could look like, naturally, began with coffee. It’s the Nashville way! It was the “Dream Session” where myself, Kelsey from @porchtopassportfamily, and Drakeford all sat down with pen and paper and sketched out all of our thoughts. This is one of my favorite parts of collaborating with artists: getting to bring together all of our vision into one beautiful story piece. 

First, we started with the lyrics. We sat in their quiet living room waiting for Drake to get his speakers all set up and working for the best listening acoustics. Then we just listened to their single a couple times through, allowing our artistic sould to spark up ideas. I was listening for the story their song told.

The word that continued to come to my mind was, community. People. Nashville for them was the people. It was the coffee shops, the front porch writing sessions, the late night shows surrounded by friends, the wine and charcuterie boards. To me it was almost like the song was a reminder to themselves of why they came to Nashville, for the people and to keep telling their story. So that was our launching pad for designing a cover. 

At that point I knew the session had to involve other people. I also knew it needed to feel like family, like home. Everything seemed to fall into place quickly after that. We planned a lifestyle photoshoot in their home where we set it up to look like we were moving them in for the first time. Our friends came over along with my hubs and literally just cleared out their living room and then put it all back together again. I simply directed and photographed it all happening.

From there we set up a spot against their wall, everyone gathered around and I photographed everyone dancing along to their single. This session was full of laughing, music, coffee, and friends. 

The photo they chose for the cover, while it doesn’t show all of that stuff in the frame, they were still surrounded by music and friends who have become family. Planning their session like this enabled them to have plenty of extra contect for their instagram account to help tell the story of their new single before it went live! They are musical storytellers, and I am a visual one. That is where the magic happened!

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